How this works…

You’ve joined MWi. Now what? We’re looking to expand our collaboration with state governments and other local resources in order to build powerful MWi communities across the country to better inform and help members. We’ll develop state curated content based on input from members and state sponsors.  We’re picking the first 10 states to be included in this community buildout now.  Want your state included first? The states with the highest MWi membership (population adjusted) will be picked for our first buildout—see our national scoreboard below tracking membership! So, if you want your state included in this first tranche of 10 states, get the word out to sign up and sign up yourself if you haven’t done so already!
Join Your State
wdt_ID Position State Flag State Score
1 1 New York 31.32
2 2 Texas 30.89
3 3 California 24.80
4 4 Georgia 23.12
5 5 Michigan 19.15
6 6 Florida 17.26
7 7 Virginia 15.10
8 8 New Jersey 14.70
9 9 Arizona 13.01
10 10 Mississippi 12.25