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Sleep. Eat. Move.

MWI is a collaborative effort designed to explore, demonstrate, and validate what is immediately possible for improving the health and wellness of military members, their families, and their support networks.
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About MWI

A New Approach to Military Wellness

In 2016, we tested a new approach to military wellness with the Texas Pilot Program and National Awareness Campaign. Thanks to the amazing participation and support we received, we learned a ton and you can read a bit about what we discovered below. So moving forward, we look to build on all of the progress we made, and build a community that’s focused on meeting you where you are and bridging the gap in the wellness spectrum between elite performance and acute care. We hope you’ll join us in showing that a new approach to military wellness is possible.

App in action

All your wellness content in one location

We’re expanding the MWI community and developing an app that will serve as a central gateway to information and resources to help you improve your wellbeing and performance. So keep an eye out for the release, so you can focus on the keys to wellness – Sleep, Eat, Move!

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Getting Results

Pilot participants engagement and results

decrease in obesity
started exercising 30 min a week
improved their sleep habit
stopped feeling overwhelmed by stress often

Pilot Program Testimonials

Participant Pilot Program

“The freedom provided by the program is amazing. I live in a rural area, so gyms and fitness centers are not really a thing.”

Participant Pilot Program

“I am having a blast with the daily challenges that have been suggested to me”

Participant Pilot Program

“I am a recent widow. This project has had a positive impact on my life both mentally and physically.”

Participant Pilot Program

“MWI has done us veterans a great service by giving awareness we have avoided otherwise.”

Participant Pilot Program

“I’ve already lost close to 70lbs this year thanks to MWI.”

Mobile App

MWI’s iOS app is in development.

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