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Eating healthier is always easier said than done. Most of the junk food we eat is addictive and removing it from our diet is hard. This week we are posting a great article with top tips on how to start that process and move towards a healthier diet. Link in the bio or swipe up on stories. #communityfirst ...

Sometimes we overlook the obvious! This week we had a great question on pillow selection and if it impacts sleep quality. This is such an important consideration if you are struggling with sleep quality or quantity. Check out the repost! Link in bio or swipe up on stories! #communityfirst ...

Need ideas on how to workout in 10 minutes? This week we have a great article highlighting 10 great workouts that can be completed in 10 minutes! Get involved and let us know what you think! #communityfirst ...

Calorie counting can sometimes have a negative connotation. In some circumstances using apps can really support your weight loss and wellness goals. Read this weeks post to find out more ways to use a calorie counter to support your wellness goals. Swipe up on stories or click the link in bio 🙌 #communityfirst ...

Improving sleep quality is a topic that we get lots of members asking about. This week we take a look at 5 ways that you can improve your sleep quality and make a positive difference to your spring routines! #communityfirst ...

It’s hard to work hard and not see the results immediately. This week MWi is responding to a great question on the identification of improvement. These 5 signs will help your motivation and keep you on track for improved health and wellness. #communityfirst ...

Are you constantly on the go? If so, finding healthy ways to snack can be hard. This week we had a great question and have reposted an article on how seeds can not only be a convenient snack but also support your wellness! Link in bio or swipe up on stories! #communityfirst ...

Most people do not know that sleep is so important to our overall happiness. A great community question gave us the opportunity to repost this amazing article. Take a read and let us know what you think! #communityfirst ...



MWi seeks to reverse the current milVet Wellness Spectrum from a focus on excessive investment in episodic engagement and general solutions to a focus on emphasizing personal optimization. 


We have done this by showing that a new approach to military and Veteran wellness is possible—by leveraging mature technologies, proven solutions, and existing infrastructure, we believe highly personalized performance and health solutions can be provided at scale, cost effectively.


We’re expanding the MWi community and developing a new digital experience that will serve as a central gateway to information, resources and events to help you and your community achieve your full wellness potential.


It’s about achieving your full potential, together, with all your wellness content in one location and a connected community to support you on your journey. 

What it is all about

MWi is a collaborative effort designed to explore, demonstrate and validate what is immediately possible for improving the health and wellness of military members, their families, and their support networks.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has created a new milVet Ecosystem where communities are organized, organizations connected, and members empowered. Our efforts are designed to complement and enhance the existing DOD and VA resources.