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Are you constantly on the go? If so, finding healthy ways to snack can be hard. This week we had a great question and have reposted an article on how seeds can not only be a convenient snack but also support your wellness! Link in bio or swipe up on stories! #communityfirst ...

Most people do not know that sleep is so important to our overall happiness. A great community question gave us the opportunity to repost this amazing article. Take a read and let us know what you think! #communityfirst ...

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It’s no surprise that sleep and diet go hand in hand. We reposted this awesome article explaining everything from foods that might be keeping you awake to advice on bed time routines. If you find value in this please share with a friend 🙏 #communityfirst ...

60 miles of blood vessels delivering oxygen and nutrients via blood to your body’s 50 trillion cells while also ushering away toxins! It’s safe to say that your Circulatory System is amazing and learning the benefits of exercise on this system will give you more motivation to achieve your exercise goals in the coming weeks. Link to article in Bio and Stories 🙌 #communityfirst ...

More and more people are asking great questions about gut health. This week’s article gives 7 signs of an unhealthy gut and 7 ways to improve your gut health. Let us know what you think and if this helps. #communityfirst ...

Details matter, especially when it comes to recovery. Read this great article in response to a question from our community. It explains everything you need to know about sleep environments. #communityfirst ...

What it is all about

MWi is a collaborative effort designed to explore, demonstrate and validate what is immediately possible for improving the health and wellness of military members, their families, and their support networks.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has created a new milVet Ecosystem where communities are organized, organizations connected, and members empowered. Our efforts are designed to complement and enhance the existing DOD and VA resources.



MWi seeks to reverse the current milVet Wellness Spectrum from a focus on excessive investment in episodic engagement and general solutions to a focus on emphasizing personal optimization. 


We have done this by showing that a new approach to military and Veteran wellness is possible—by leveraging mature technologies, proven solutions, and existing infrastructure, we believe highly personalized performance and health solutions can be provided at scale, cost effectively.


We’re expanding the MWi community and developing a new digital experience that will serve as a central gateway to information, resources and events to help you and your community achieve your full wellness potential.


It’s about achieving your full potential, together, with all your wellness content in one location and a connected community to support you on your journey. 

Community Feedback

My wife and I take walks together now and are really focusing on our wellness as a couple.

Mark, Texas

I lost 40 lbs thanks to Military Wellness and have stayed motivated to keep getting healthier!

Samantha, Texas

Finally, a community after I am out of the military. Love competing against Navy in challenges.

Bill, Texas

We came together as a family and really committed to improving our wellness together.

Withers Family, Texas

I loved the training videos. They were easy to follow.

Parker, Texas

GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY! And we did in steps!

Sam, Texas