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The foods you eat (and don’t) can determine how well your body fights painful inflammation.
It’s been said that you are what you eat, and that’s definitely true when it comes to chronic pain. This is a great read and applies to everyone! Enjoy! 📖🙌 link in bio and stories!

This week, learn several ways to make a meaningful and positive impact on your sleep. Link in bio and make sure you check out our stories 🙌 ...

Learn strategies to keep wellness in the workplace for all year long, and not just National Wellness month. Follow the link in bio 🙌 ...

We all know we should eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise, but it’s easier said than done when you have nine-hour days, no time for a lunch break, a two-hour commute, and home life to fit into 16 waking hours. Check out this weeks article for some tips ...

Sleep deficiency increases the risk of depression and can aggravate anxiety, which in turn affects your ability to function throughout the day. Read this weeks article to find out some ways to improve your sleep routines. Link in bio 🙌 ...

When was the last time you thought about doing a mobility workout? Just as you train for aerobic endurance, strength and flexibility, you also need to train for mobility, especially if you want to maintain a vibrant, active life. Read more of this weeks article ➡️link in bio 🙌 ...

Ever wanted to know what foods help you to recover from injuries? Here are several foods that can help you heal from illness or injury:
Leafy green vegetables
Nuts and seeds
Sweet potatoes For more info and articles follow the link in our bio 🙌

So you’ve just sustained an injury and it’s preventing you from your regular day-to-day activities. Sleep is an excellent tool for helping injuries heal as fast as possible. Healthy sleep habits can get you back to your activities quicker, and lower your risk for another injury. First, let’s explore the science behind sleep and recovery. Link in bio 🙏 ...



MWi seeks to reverse the current milVet Wellness Spectrum from a focus on excessive investment in episodic engagement and general solutions to a focus on emphasizing personal optimization. 


We have done this by showing that a new approach to military and Veteran wellness is possible—by leveraging mature technologies, proven solutions, and existing infrastructure, we believe highly personalized performance and health solutions can be provided at scale, cost effectively.


We’re expanding the MWi community and developing a new digital experience that will serve as a central gateway to information, resources and events to help you and your community achieve your full wellness potential.


It’s about achieving your full potential, together, with all your wellness content in one location and a connected community to support you on your journey. 

What it is all about

MWi is a collaborative effort designed to explore, demonstrate and validate what is immediately possible for improving the health and wellness of military members, their families, and their support networks.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has created a new milVet Ecosystem where communities are organized, organizations connected, and members empowered. Our efforts are designed to complement and enhance the existing DOD and VA resources.