Texas, do you know how many toxins you're exposed to? Toxins can be found in many common places, and it could be worthwhile to learn how to reduce your toxic load. You can learn more in this week's article. We hope you find this informative!

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  • Understand how toxins impact your wellness and how to reduce the associated symptoms

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  • The effects of toxins are determined by dose, exposure time, and interactions with other substances.
  • Some well-researched toxins include chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Reducing our toxic load can lead to health benefits such as more energy, better sleep, and pain reduction.

Most toxic substances to which humans are generally exposed, are far more insidious and take years or even decades worth of slow continual exposure and accumulation, before any noticeable symptoms will begin to appear.

Your body is loaded with poisons which have been accumulating since conception.  What does the research show?   What illnesses and health conditions are greatly increased by having various poisons in your body?  Are there any safe ways to reduce your “toxic load” also referred to as “body burden”?  Can reducing these toxins also reduce symptoms, extend life, reduce risk factors and even prevent disease?  These questions and more are the reasons I have written this article.

According to the dictionary, a toxin is a substance produced by living cells or organisms. In common usage however, it is something which is toxic or poisonous in some way to our bodies.  I will therefore use the words toxin and poison interchangeably in this article.  In certain types of scientific journals, this nomenclature combination might not be considered acceptable.   Some toxins/poisons can cause death rapidly, such as a bite from an extremely poisonous snake or other venomous reptile, or breathing in the vapor of an extremely toxic poisonous gas in a high concentration.  Most toxic substances to which humans are generally exposed, are far more insidious and take years or even decades worth of slow continual exposure and accumulation, before any noticeable symptoms will begin to appear. 

Poisons are always dose dependent.  The same chlorine, ammonia, fluorine or hydrogen sulfide gases that can kill someone in a matter of minutes, will cause far less harm and symptoms, from which a person can more easily recover, when exposure is at much lower concentrations.   Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is extremely poisonous in high concentrations, but in low concentrations and when mixed with an adequate percentage of air or oxygen, has been used for decades as an anesthetic in the dental industry.  The rotten egg smell which is observed with even minute concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas, becomes extremely deadly when this gas is in inhaled at higher concentrations.  Chlorine and fluorine gasses can easily blister or kill a person fairly rapidly at high concentrations. When they exist in water as they are used in the municipal water supplies of many cites in the United States, they will take decades before they show an increase in the cancer rates of those who bathe in and drink these same poisons.

The second issue is that of exposure time.  It is well documented that inhaling smoke from the chemically treated tobacco in all commercial cigarettes, will increase the risk of lung cancer.  Will this risk increase if only one or two cigarettes have been smoked in a lifetime?  I would highly doubt it.  It takes many years of regular smoking before obvious damage becomes noticeable.   Even after a decade, it is only seen in a small percentage of individuals and most often not in those with truly adequate intakes of  protective nutrients.  This is why the Japanese, due to their high consumption of nutrient dense seaweeds, have a much lower rate of lung cancer than U.S. citizens, even though the Japanese have a much HIGHER per capita rate of cigarette smoking.

In addition to cumulative exposure, an even more important issue is interactive exposure of multiple toxins.  In many cases, one poison may be only mildly toxic, but when it exists in the body in combination with a second or third (or dozens) of other mildly toxic poisons, the effects become multiplied hundreds or even thousands of times.  The best example of this was an experiment done with rats.  The LD-1 of lead  (the dose which would kill one rat out of a hundred) was mixed with the LD-1 of mercury, and these two were combined in a published research study to give a tiny lead and mercury dose which instead of killing just two rats out of 100, was instead fatal for the entire 100 rats.  This is why the few safety studies which have been carried out on cleaning products, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals, are almost totally useless.  They always test only single chemicals and never multiple exposures in the way we are exposed to them in real life.  One of the best independent web sites of a nonprofit “watchdog” organization where you can read more about our body burden of toxins, is the Environmental Working Group at www.EWG.org.  Please support them as they are monitoring the polluters and looking out for our health and the health of those we love.  Their most famous research study was probably Body Burden, the Pollution in People  download the entire article here https://www.researchgate.net/publication/242521536_BodyBurden_The_Pollution_in_People  

A few well researched poisons and some of the places they may be found in our daily lives include:

Chlorine–in our drinking water, our laundry and, and many household cleansers-

Chloramines–in some drinking water, in place of or in addition to chlorine (it is even more damaging to human)

Fluoride–in our drinking water, tooth pastes, numerous foods that have been manufactured in cities with fluoridated water, and it is still used by less knowledgeable dentists.

Toxic chemicals –in our air “fresheners”, deodorizers and “plug ins”

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides–in and on our fruits and vegetables and in our air.

Heavy metals such as the mercury –in every silver amalgam dental filling and in many food. Hormones, steroids and antibiotic residues–in our meats, dairy and farm raised fish.  Here is a good example of what you may not know about this and there are other similar videos on my web site. https://naturopath4you.com/fox-news-kills-monsanto-story/

There are also numerous toxic chemicals–in the cleaners, polishes and solvents we use daily in our homes and offices, hundreds of poisons in small amounts in the air we breathe which is always worse indoors.  This does NOT include ozone which IS NOT a pollutant but rather is a helpful gas produced by nature in order to help detoxify the pollutants.

Toxic chemicals- in the stain repellents on our new upholstered furniture and carpeting.

The chemicals that give that “new car” smell; formaldehyde which out gasses from carpeting and press board in our homes; toxic vapors released from the toner in our copiers and laser printers; fire retardant chemicals –in our furniture, mattresses, and children’s clothing and bedding; and numerous different types of chemical “additives” –in our foods and toiletries.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg, but I wanted to be sure you understand how extensive, pervasive and invasive these chemicals are in our homes, offices, and in our daily lives.

There is published research documenting the connections between some of these poisons and diseases include cancer, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and many neurological diseases of “unknown origin”.  The MD, PhD experts at the scientific conferences I attend each year continue to mention a very important disease link. They keep saying that almost every degenerative disease, auto immune disease, mental or emotional condition and a plethora of others, are most likely caused or greatly aggravated by the numerous toxins in our bodies.  These same toxic substances are the ones which our industrial society continues to generate more and more of every year.  These same poisons are the ones which most of us unknowingly (or knowingly) use in our homes and businesses as well as on our bodies and in our mouths every day. 

One last area is the tremendous exposure that our military men and women get both from chemical agents they work with to clean their buildings and firearms, herbicides which were sprayed on and around them in Vietnam, depleted uranium that they were exposed to in a number of “wars” and the massive untested and unresearched vaccinations that they were given but which no civilian has ever been given.

Luckily, it is possible to reduce our risks by reducing our body burden of these chemicals through whole body detoxification.  In most cases, I, and numerous other informed and trained professionals around the world, have seen untold symptoms reduce or vanish completely as the individual’s toxic load is gradually and safely reduced, by proper detoxification, over a period of many months or sometime years.

Remember, in most people, these toxins have been accumulating for a very long time.  Even though the symptoms may have begun only in the last couple of weeks (or years) this is simply due the body finally becoming so overloaded that it could no longer handle the poisonous burden that had been building up for a lifetime.  It is because of this, that  detoxification MUST BE DONE SLOWLY!  Imagine never cleaning your home for the last 20-50 (or more) years and then having someone with a commercial vacuum cleaner move through the house.  You would stir up so much dust that you would have to stop immediately and would be coughing for hours.  In the case of detoxification of the human body, it might even send you to the hospital.  Detoxification MUST be done correctly and slowly.  The body must be “prepared” for the detox process.  This is done by using special formulas to help support and cleanse both your liver and kidneys for a month or more BEFORE you begin to actually pull toxic chemicals from your tissues, into your blood, for elimination through these two organs.  I always make it VERY CLEAR to my patients and students that the goal is to NEVER rush but to keep moving forward.  The direction (forward=less toxic) is what is important, not the speed.  If you try to build a house in a month, you will have a mess and not a house.

There are so many benefits to reducing our toxic load that they are almost endless, but a few can include (everyone is different); more energy, better elimination, less or no more headaches, better and more recuperative sleep, improved memory, pain reduction, reduction or elimination of various skin conditions, reduced tingling in body parts, regulation of irregular heart beat, better hearing, improved smell or taste, and many others. The single most important benefit for many is the huge reduction in the risk of developing numerous degenerative and possibly even fatal diseases.

If we continue to expose ourselves to all of the same toxins every day, then it will be a great deal more difficult (and slower) to rid the body of those which have already accumulated in our tissues.   Learning where these poisons come from and what must be done to begin the detoxification process is not an extremely complicated educational endeavor.  The education will take a bit of time and a commitment on your part just like any important task you have ever decided to accomplish.  The application of this important knowledge can extend your life, reduce your risks of numerous extremely undesirable health conditions and make you a much happier healthier person.  I have even seen the detoxification process save marriages and relationships as it can make huge differences in emotions as numerous emotion (hormone) disrupting poisons are slowly eliminated from the body.

The first job is therefore to slow down the amount of incoming poisons.  This means you have to switch to non toxic toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, cleansers, detergents, waxes, air fresheners, pesticides, foods, deodorants (NEVER antiperspirants), etc.   I have added some of these product recommendations to my web site  https://naturopath4you.com/PDFs/recommended-products.pdf

The second task (or maybe the first or at least a tie) is to eat healthier, fresher, less overcooked foods with less additives. I cover all of this on my healthy eating videos and my classes taught though the 65+ year old nonprofit  Price -Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.  It would take far too much space to be able to cover in this article, but I will have my 30 hour 10 week course available for sale on my web site in 2019.  If you subscribe, you will be notified when it becomes available or take a look and see.

The next job is slowly to proceed with one to four months of  liver and kidney support.  There are dozens of pretty bad products on the market and a handful of really good ones that are available.  Use whatever you have found to work best for yourself, your clients or your patients.  If you want some of my procedures and product recommendation for both this task and the next one, they are outlined, on my 2 hour Detoxification DVD available from the foundation and the products are being sold by elite alternatives here  https://elitealternatives.net    

The next step is the one which is carried out for an extended period of time.  The greater your interest in disease prevention, the longer this process will continue.  Personally, I intend to live to be a happy healthy 100-120 and so I will never stop this next step. 

After you have done AT LEAST 30 days of your liver and kidney support, continue this support, but now you can begin to actually mobilize poisons out of your other cells, to be eliminated from your body in urine, stool and sometimes sweat.  There are many products which can do this, from herbs, to activated charcoal to detoxification homeopathics.  I have found the appropriate homeopathic products to do the best job and to be able to target the poisons I wish to target.  Elite Alternatives carries Gentle Drainage which is the best one to start with.

My favorite company for the next stronger products is Professional and Complementary Formulas at

http://www.professionalformulas.com/   They manufacture many types of products but I only use their detoxification homeopathics.  These are professional products and are sold through health practitioners only.  There is a great deal more specific information on my Detoxification DVD.

Since I often use a different kidney, liver, lymphatic or detox product with different patients, it would be impossible for me to specify the exact products for any given person.  In my office, that is determined with Kineseology.

I wish you a long life and a continual slow detoxification so that you can live it without all the conditions that most people get as they age.

MWi would like to thank David Getoff for this article in response to our community.  If you would like to read more of Dr. Getoff’s work please follow this link: