Let's be honest: sugar is hard to stay away from and it is difficult to say no to it. Watch this video to learn why sugar is so hard to avoid and the impact it can have on your health.

Watching time: 15 Minutes

MWi Hacks:

  • Get expert insights on why you crave and find it hard to stop eating sweet treats
  • Learn new strategies to remove sugar from your diet to improve your health and wellness 
MWi would like to thank What I’ve Learned for sharing there expert knowledge.

More about the Expert:

What I’m trying to do at What I’ve Learned is simple: Give you novel information that is useful to daily life, based on what I’ve learned from experience and research into different topics I think are worthwhile. The concepts are intended to challenge conventional wisdom from an unbiased and logical perspective. The hard part is presenting it in an entertaining and engaging enough way that actually makes you want sit through the whole video and hopefully even apply the concepts to your daily life.