New Mexico, do you suffer from back pain or know someone who suffers from back pain? This week's article discusses a stretch that has been shown to decrease pain levels. We hope you and your loved ones find this helpful!

Watching time: 3 Minutes

MWi Hacks:

  • Learn a very simple but challenging stretch that has proven to ease lower back pain

MWi Summary:

  • The E.L.D.O.A. technique is an active way to help elongate your spine. This particular video helps elongate in your lumbar/sacral area.
  • It can relieve pain and also improve sleep.
MWi would like to thank Guy Voyer for sharing his expert knowledge with hundreds of certified experts.

More about the Expert:

Guy VOYER, DO is a “classically-trained” European Osteopath who remains true to his manual medicine training.  He holds a Doctorate in Osteopathy with an extensive background in the fields of sport, manual therapy and medicine, which includes studies and degrees in physical education, physiotherapy, sports medicine, traumatology, biomechanics, and various forms of body work including massage therapy. In addition, he has a PhD. in educational science. He has initiated and collaborated on numerous research projects, including the studies on intervertebral disc compression and herniation.