MWi members have recently asked: is stretching good for back pain and if so what stretch?

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MWi Hacks:

  • Learn a very simple but challenging stretch that has proven to ease lower back pain
MWi would like to thank Guy Voyer for sharing his expert knowledge with hundreds of certified experts.

More about the Expert:

Guy VOYER, DO is a “classically-trained” European Osteopath who remains true to his manual medicine training.  He holds a Doctorate in Osteopathy with an extensive background in the fields of sport, manual therapy and medicine, which includes studies and degrees in physical education, physiotherapy, sports medicine, traumatology, biomechanics, and various forms of body work including massage therapy. In addition, he has a PhD. in educational science. He has initiated and collaborated on numerous research projects, including the studies on intervertebral disc compression and herniation.

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