Delaware, how much of an impact do you think nutrition has on your health? We all know a healthy diet supports a healthy weight, but what about your skin or brain? This week's article discusses how your diet can alleviate several health conditions. We hope you find this helpful and informative!

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  • Understand how eliminating certain food and drink can accelerate your health and wellness

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  • Changing eating patterns has been shown to help alleviate seizure disorders, skin conditions, among other health conditions.
  • People have experienced benefits from eliminating sugar, starch, and alcohol from their diets along with incorprating good fats and proteins.
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“People who try my 60 day Healthy Diet Challenge are very often amazed at the benefits they feel if they are willing to do it right and not cheat”

Possibly the single most suppressed medical fact is how strongly our diet effects both physical and mental health.  Children and adults have often eliminated seizure disorders, brain fog, anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, overall fatigue, skin conditions and more just from making major healthy changes in their diet.  Often, these diet changes have noticeable beneficial effects in as little as 60 days and continue to improve the longer the person sticks to the healthier diet.

The changes which I have found make the fastest and most demonstrable effects include the elimination of starch, sugar and alcohol, and the replacement of bad fats and proteins with good fats and proteins.  Although the best chart of these foods is on my web site as a “healthy diet challenge”,( the good proteins are grass fed beef and lamb, and wild caught low mercury level fish and seafood and the good fats and oils are butter or ghee from grass fed cows, coconut oil, palm fruit oil, and real extra virgin olive oil such as Bariani or California Coast Naturals.  See the book or the web site Extra Virginity (.com) for more information on real extra virgin olive oil.

Alcohol is self explanatory and for the most part, sugar is anything that tastes sweet (artificial sweeteners are also forbidden on this diet) but starch is not something that most people understand.  The foods, I refer to them as Sabotage Foods®  which contain about 75% starch, are: every type and color of potato, all winter or hard skinned squash, corn, all grains, and all beans.

People who try my 60 day Healthy Diet Challenge are very often amazed at the benefits they feel if they are willing to do it right and not cheat.  After they understand, by feeling it in their own minds and bodies, just how powerful a healthy diet can be, it is time for me to begin to bring in some nutritional supplements which can continue their road to healing even more. 

If the medical profession were to be made aware of all the research that has been done in these areas of nutritional biochemistry, they would wonder why none of it is taught in medical school.  In fact, they are taught, with zero research to back it up, that a well balanced meal of adequate calories supplies all the nutrients a body requires for long term health.  Too bad this is so far from the truth.

MWi would like to thank David Getoff for this article in response to our community.  If you would like to read more of Dr. Getoff’s work please follow this link: